The network unites innovative enterprises and research facilities throughout the omega-3 value added chain. This starts with selecting and extracting suitable omega-3 sources, both animal- and plant-based. In addition, participants include experienced users with production and development expertise. These range from providers of functional foods in the baked goods and meat sector to companies specialising in dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, or animal feeds. Control system specialists and legal experts are also valuable partners which can shed light on issues such as the endorsement and praise of health benefits early on.

Our farm-to-fork approach means that competencies can be utilised across production levels, e. g. when adding omega-3 to the animal feed of food-supplying animals. These animals can then supply meat enriched with omega-3. The exchange of experiences and practical demonstrations within the network enable us to benefit from the network partners' expertise and use this new-found knowledge to create a wider range of solutions.

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